We provide communications skills training programs for people in business.
The work can be delivered in traditional training rooms or in the great outdoors. We design and deliver programs to meet the needs of our clients.

Drawing on a rich tool kit from techniques use in theatre rehearsal rooms and a wider experience of coaching and training practices we explore learning through the process of active engagement.
Our aim is to help people develop greater personal awareness and an understanding of the choices they can make to support authentic, clear and purposeful communication.

The work is practical & experiential, memorable & empowering.
Key areas of work:

  • Explore the human skills of communication
  • Learn how to use the body & voice more effectively
  • Leading the room and connecting with an audience
  • Managing anxiety
  • Storytelling techniques
  • Models and structures for pitching
  • Providing creative and imaginative ways of delivering a message.
  • Improvisation
  • Team building & leadership development
  • Investigate ways of having difficult conversations
  • Mindfulness approach
  • Employee wellbeing